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We believe that:

  • Tirupur school for the Deaf  is a service provider organization
  • The educational and social experiences provided for students at Tirupur School for the Deaf will assure more independent, productive, and contributing citizens. 
  • Early literacy development ensures stronger learning experiences
  • Education must be important in order to prepare students for the rapidly changing social, technical, and economic world in which they live and work
  • Opportunities for peer interaction and direct communication meet social, emotional, and cultural needs of our students.
  • The continued evaluation of our educational programs and students is necessary in order to design and implement positive educational approaches to increase student achievement

We value that:

  • Our students are individuals/ Honest and Self Confidence.
  • Our staff members are dedicated.
  • Our parents are exceptional.
  • Our programs and resources are meant to be shared.
  • Aims for the pupils:

* Develop language Skills (Tamil/English and Sign Language)

    * Ensure high prospect of every student to allow them to reach their goal

      in all areas of their  development.                                    

    * Develop a positive personality representation and individuality.

    * Develop emotional kind, courage and awareness.

    * Develop social communication skills with deaf and adult Peoples.