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All our children come from economically poor families from different districts of Tamil Nadu and neighboring states. The parents of almost all children are employed as daily wage earners and small scale farmers and hence it becomes very difficult for them to provide adequate facilities for their children. The majority of the children’s hearing condition is due to hereditary factors and due to poor nutrition since they were born besides lack of medical attention. Due to the genetic factor, at times you will see that more than 15 members of a single family enrolled in the school.

Our School class rooms and hostel have tiled roofs that require frequent maintenance. We find that hearing impaired children learn faster than normal children and they have been showing wonderful performance in sports activities. However our school has a playground but no gym equipment and other sports equipment. Theodeaf provides such services like Education, Food, Clothing, Hearing Aids and hostel facilities to the children and manages with available sources such as contributions offered by the public for the last 12 years. Now the school has more than 300 children

We accept donations under the sec 80G, 12A and Foreign Contribution Regulations Act -1976 (FCRA) act.