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Organization Activities

The institution has been started for the wellness of the deaf and dumb to guide them with whole hearted services. The organization is running this specialty school for the deaf and dumb from 1st standard to 12th standard with the approval of Rehabilitation Center for Handicapped, Tamil Nadu.


Special Trainings offered

  • Speech Training
  • Linguistic Training
  • Reading Practice
  • Lip Reading
  • Auditory Training
  • Language Practice

The School is running in both English and Tamil medium wises under the righteous approvals from the State Government of Tamil Nadu up to 12th Standard.



The organization follows the theme of improving the life of the individuals and the society that he belongs to by means of proper education. Here, along with linguistic and speech training, gestures are also taught to the children with well trained staff members. The syllabi that the school follows purely based upon the Governmental rules and regulations. Ratio of teachers is to students is found to be 10:1 for the better caring of the children. Only members those who have done specialty handicapped teacher training courses have been allotted to educate the children in a proper manner. Audiometer belongs to the school is used to detect the current status of the speech effectiveness of the children periodically.

Some children those who are 5 years or 10 years or even 12 years of old would also come to the institution to learn the primary education. It is found to be very difficult to teach these children the basics. Moreover not all the children are equally effective in learning concepts; teachers look after the individual performances of the children and try to push them up by introducing new shortcuts to learn easily.

In case of bringing out the individual specialties of the handicapped children, the institution has launched ways for the children to have self confidence, amicability with the society, independence, to lead a moral life.

In order to increase the learning capacities of the children in regards with studies and social affairs, various teaching techniques are followed. The children are able to grasp the information very clearly since it is taught visually for their understanding.






Computer classes

In today’s world, computer has its own importance on everybody’s life. Understanding the significance of computer knowledge, the school offers computer practice to the children right from 8th standard. After the successful completion of the studies, the interested students are rendered with advanced computer programming knowledge course trainings. Students those who are interested in Entrepreneurship programs are also given training in accordance.


School Library

Weekly one hour has been allotted for library for all the children where nearly 1500 books of reference are available. Reading habit of the children is raised due to this library facility at the school.

This improves the creativity and knowledge of the students and thus they could direct their own mime acts. Exclusive stories read through library books are kept as the themes for the school cultural mime acts along with teacher supports to induce their creativity.


 Special Trainers

The organization has allotted the staffs based upon their skills to handle handicapped children. Much importance is given for the righteous staff recruitment for the institution since way that the teachers behave is fully watched by the children and that would resemble in the characters mould of the children. Highly specialized teachers are working in the organization along with moral values.