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The deaf children who are stayed at this organization are belonging to different rural parts of Tamil Nadu. Handicapped children parents are found to be unaware about these kinds of specialty schools as they belong to backward classes in terms of economy. Many of these poor trapped deaf children are found to be un parented and are living either with father or mother alone. Children studying at this organization are independent and honest with happy lives here. The organization seems to be a righteous path finder for the lives of the deaf and dumb children. In addition to education, the children are able to get equipped with World knowledge about facts and events that are taking place around them in the society. With the help of this institution, the deaf children can find options to have wonderful sharing of information and happiness to their friends and the subject handling teachers.

Residential care Benefits

Nearly 350 are studying at this school rightly stayed in the school hostel. In the hostels, the children are very happy to have fine foods, clean and aerated rooms to stay and monitored by lovable staff members resemble a perfect mother. No fees for staying and feeding are received from poor children along with cost free facilities those who are studying at this school.