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About The School

Deaf mute children from Tirupur and surrounding districts have been having a fair chance at accessible education, special attention, nutritional food, vibrant childhood and a promising future since 1997 at the Tirupur School for the Deaf. What started as a mission with compassion for the Founder & Secretary Mr. Murugasamy – a deaf mute person by himself has now grown into an institution that is respected and adored by the community with continued support and empathy. Tirupur School for the Deaf is a fully residential school which is recognized by the Government and Welfare Association for the Differently Abled. This is home to about 350 students and operates 2 campuses in Tirupur – One exclusively for the primary kids and the other is a Higher Secondary School.


The school now accepts school children right from UKG and takes care of them right through their college education. Not just providing education but supporting them with the warmth and concerns that only a family ambience can provide. Tirupur School for the Deaf is now home to about 350 are pursuing their studies right from LKG till 12th standards and even beyond.. Every possible resource is pooled in the ensure that the students receive nutritious and balanced diet. Though the school is not govt aided the children are not deprived of any goodness that their counterparts might have. Personalized attention, motherly care, mentorship by the senior students makes sure that everyone lives a disciplined life in the campus and outside. Students form poor background are provided free hostel facilities. The deaf children who stay and study at this organization belong to different parts of rural Tamil Nadu.

Sometimes its sad to hear parents who (until coming to Tirupur School for the Deaf) are unaware of the special school facilities available for special children. Many children studying here are either orphaned or with single parents. The Children Tirupur School for the Deaf are groomed to be disciplined., independent and live a life of having pride with integrity are independent and honest with happy lives here. The organization strives to show the students the right direction and takes all steps to help them be responsible citizens. Though some of us may have a better understanding about the IQ of deaf mute children, we do not easily give up on them and in addition to education and academic knowledge, the children are encouraged to get a grip with on current affairs and about things that happen around them. The children show strong signs of bondage with fellow students. And one of the unique features of our system of grooming is the guru-sishya method which insists on seniors grooming juniors.